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Logo Design Services Establish Your Brand With A Professionally Designed Logo

Custom Logo Design To Match Your Brand

Small or Large, Every Business Needs A Logo
Having a logo for your business is often more important then many people realise, a logo helps to set your business apart from the rest as a unique enterprise and helps your customers to rememeber your business.

Our graphic designers can custom design your logo to match your brand, we can take your logo from the intitial concept through to design, refinement and final publishing.

Enhance Your Brand With A Logo Pack

Our logo packs contain eveything you need to establish and enhance your brand. We prepare your logo media pack in a wide range of sizes so you have various versions of your logo that are suitable for different uses including 300dpi print ready versions, 72dpi web and email ready versions as well as icons.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our logo packs start from just £149.99, that includes a professionally designed logo provided in 8 different formats.

  • 1200px x 800px (72 dpi)
  • 600px x 400px (72 dpi)
  • 300px x 200px (72 dpi)
  • 150px x 100px (72 dpi)
  • 64px x 64px - .ico (72 dpi)
  • 1800px x 1200px (300 dpi)
  • 1200px x 800px (300 dpi)
  • 800px x 533px (300 dpi)


If you are interested in having a logo designed or simply require some additional information, please get in touch with us using our contact form, alternatively, please call us on 0845 30 88 329.

Future Proof Web Design

We utilize the latest W3C compliant web technologies to build your website, this helps to ensure your website functions correctly in all modern browsers and can support a growing business by allowing you to develop your website further at a later date if required.

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