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Website SSL Certificates Secure your website with an SSL certificate

SSL Certificates

An SSL certifcate is used to encrypt communications between a client computer and a website and helps ensure the identity of a web server. They are normally used when collecting sensitive information such as credit card details. You can tell if a website is using SSL by checking for the small padlock in the browser address bar.

Can I Have An SSL Certificate On My Website?

It depends on which type of web hosting you are using, if you are using shared hosting you will normally need to upgrade to either VPS hosting or a dedicated server, so that your website can have its own unique IP address.

How Much Does An SSL Certificate Cost?

Prices for SSL certificates vary greatly depending on the brand and the type of certificate, the cheaper certificates start at around £150 (including installation), while the more expensive certificates can cost well over £1,000 (including installation).

Which Type Of SSL Certificate Do I Need?

Basic SSL is suitable for most website applications and uses 128 bit encryption as standard, if you require stronger encryption you can opt for 256 bit encryption. Another option to consider is extended validation SSL (EV SSL). EV SSL is similar to basic SSL but requires more stringent company checking procedures in order to have your certificate issued, the main advantage of EV SSL is the fact that most modern web browsers will turn the browser address bar green when using EV SSL.

How Do I Order My SSL Certificate?

If you would like to order an SSL certificate for your website, please get in touch with us by calling 0845 30 88 329, alternatively you can send us a message or request more information by visiting our contact page.

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