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what is seo

What Is SEO ?

S.E.O stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and refers to the various techniques used to improve the position of your website within natural search results.

Cost Effective Marketing

Natural seo can often prove to be an exceptional method of marketing, providing some of the best return on investment figures in the advertising industry. This tends to be the case more often for websites that sell products or services through their website, the main reasons for this are;

  • Customers who find your website as a result of seo are already online, no more trying to convince customers who see your ad in a paper or on a flyer to take to their computer in order to buy from you.
  • Customers who find you via an seo campaign are not just online, they are also actively searching for your product / service already, this makes the conversion from potential customer to customer much more likely.
  • In a world where impulse buys make up a large percentage of total sales, having your website seen during that critical moment that the customer is on their computer and already searching for your product means you are far more likely to benefit from the impulse buy phenomena and generate new customers.

Natural SEO vs Pay Per Click

Whilst pay per click does have a place in online marketing, increasingly customers are looking for lower marketing costs and longer term results. An equivalent weekly spend on natural seo can often provide a huge return on investment over a far longer period, instead of marketing results being felt over a single week, results for natural seo often extend to months and even years.


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Future Proof Web Design

We utilize the latest W3C compliant web technologies to build your website, this helps to ensure your website functions correctly in all modern browsers and can support a growing business by allowing you to develop your website further at a later date if required.

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